All at once,
riding this period of progress;
correcting mistakes;
retaining a small corner of who we were, who we are as women;
daughters ourselves;
resisting the image of what we, she ‘should’ be; 
navigating a male dominated society, teaching how to inhabit a space
built around his desires;
rejecting, disrupting, accepting
the complexities and cliches of this relationship;


Raising young women is simultaneously both an individual and deeply personal act, and one that is inherently political.

Letters to our daughters is a collaborative project that grows from an initial letter, written from mother to daughter as a starting point for a visual exploration of the aspirations, fears and frustrations we hold for them. The assumptions we have made, our intentions and our own experiences left behind or carried on.  The project follows our conversation, combining photographs – both new images made together and those personal archives, with fragments of conversations, hand-written notes, annotations and records as we navigate this process and share our imagined futures for them.

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